Distec becomes exclusive distributor for MRS Electronic in the UK

MANCHESTER 11th September 2019Distec Ltd, the specialist provider of hybrid technology solutions to industrial, medical and manufacturing settings, is set to extend its services in automotive and vehicle electronics as the exclusive UK distributor for MRS Electronic.

Distec, part of the EG Electronics Group, will be able to sell the firm’s entire product portfolio, including its innovative controllers and gateways. Controllers are digital electronic systems used to control machines or systems, with programmable memory for the storage and execution of user-oriented commands. Meanwhile, the gateways are a central point of contact for all control units, enabling centralised governance and coordination of all units within a single vehicle. Collectively, these products can be tailored to fit all automotive markets.

MRS Electronic is headquartered in Rottweil, Germany and is a specialist in automotive and commercial vehicle electronics, including product development, assembly and production. Its product portfolio covers CAN interface, compact controllers, motor controllers, gateways, relays and human-machine interface (HMI) systems, and it supplies these across a wide range of sectors.

The company has built up a worldwide network of international partners beyond Germany, including sister companies in USA, Croatia and the Ukraine. The managers plan to approach international markets through sales partners as well as subsidiaries, and Distec is the latest firm to join.

Commenting on the partnership, Craig Workman, Managing Director Electromechanics and responsble for global business developments for the EG Electronics Group said: “We’re delighted to have teamed up with MRS Electronic, a truly innovative company that will give us fantastic reach in the automotive space. Specialist vehicles play a crucial role across many of the sectors we operate in, from emergency services to manufacturing and retail, so having a strong and diverse product to offer in this space is really important to us.

“This agreement was made possible as a result of a strategic meeting held with the owner and senior management at MRS Electronic.”

EG Electronics is a group of dedicated companies specialising in offering customers the correct products for their applications in various market sectors across the globe.

For additional information, please contact

Craig Workman, Managing Director Electromechanics, EG Electronics Group
+49 (0)176 2033 6008, craig.workman@egelectronics.com

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EG Electronics Group’s operations are mainly conducted in the company EG Electronics which has its own sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, Germany, USA, China and India. The business area also has a production company for electronics and cabling in Poland.

Three companies were added to Electronics through acquisitions in 2019. All three are specialists in different niches within digital communication. The first was the British company Distec based in Manchester. This was followed by two Swedish companies, Swetouch and Leeroy Digital Signage.

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