Customer Satisfaction Survey | 2023

Hi all!

Here you can find the links to our customer satisfaction survey.

There are two links, one for a test version and the “real one”. Both looks the same, so you can use the test version som read through the questions. Results for this doesn’t count, so you can click through the entire test if yo want. You enter the test version here:

First question is to identify which team customer belong to: this you can just choose without asking them, and just directly to the question nr 2.

The survey has total 6 questions and is estimated to take approx 2 minutes. Each questions includes two parts, one that they just give as a number from 1-5.

Only the last question is an open answer question when you need to to type their answer.


For EG Electronics

This survey is to collect answer for customers from EG Electronics (both AB & International)

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