Areas of Competence

We offer unique and cost-effective customized solutions based on electronic components and systems, as well as standard products from selected manufacturers. We also have own production company for electronics and cabling in Poland and Sweden,.

We have 90 years of experience, deep engagement, knowledge together with trustworthy and effective logistics worldwide. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated.


EG Electronics Group has in recent years expanded its business and grown both organically and through acquisitions. This means, that we have several areas of expertise, divided between different companies and business units.

The operations of EG Electronics Group have been conducted mainly in the companies EG Electronics AB and EG Electronics International AB.

Hi-Tech Niched Products

A large share of products offered is tailor-made of niched components to build into systems designed for use in customer-specific applications in demanding environmental conditions.

The business area with its sales representatives and product specialists work closely with customers in both general applications and designing in projects.
When designing in projects, we support the development with the required specifications; prototype builds, testing, adaptations which all in all place a high demand on the employees’ technical expertise and understanding of the customers’ applications.

Selected Manufacturers

We work closely with bransch leading manufacturers worldwide. Our goal is to have long and close relationships with our suppliers. That, together with our technical knowledge we can also find a best product for our customers needs.

Another key competitive advantage is the ability to offer global and effective logistics solutions, which is possible through efficient central warehouses in Warsaw and Stockholm and integrated logistics centres in the USA and Hong Kong

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Our vision

“As a trusted partner in providing electronics solutions with high added value, EG Electronics is part of your success!”

Our mission

From concept to delivery, and beyond, we offer unique and cost-effective solutions for customers with serial production thanks to our close cooperation with selected suppliers located globally in key market sectors.

We strengthen their competitiveness by adding value through tailored electronic component systems and solutions.

Core moral

Essential for anyone striving to be the number one choice for his or her market is trust. You must be able to rely on us and therefore we breathe and build our business around these three values:

And therefore we breathe and build our business around these three values:

We always listen to you, trying to find the best solution for your needs. We know the market and can provide flexibility in everything from the right technical components to logistics.

Instead of waiting until the market or customer forces us to act; we propose the best possible solution for the customer’s current and future need.

Business savvy
We have extensive knowledge of our affair and we comprehend your business opportunities. Therefore we always seek to find win-win solutions for everyone involved, preferring long-term commitment to short-term profit.

Quality Policy

We continuously strive to have the most competitive solutions to all our business partners to create and uphold longterm commitments in all our undertakings.

This we achive by:

Customer Focus
Quality is a measure of our performance from a customer perspective which requires us to perform better than our competitors and to listen to our customers and adjust our operations accordingly.

Managers’ Engagement
All managers must demonstrate their commitment to quality by:
setting clear goals, develop the skills of all employees, delegating responsibilities and authorities effectively.

Employee Engagement
All employees are given the possibility to understand their role, have a clear picture of their business goals to provide quality and actively contribute to achieving the set goals

Process Culture
We shall continuously improve our processes by comparing ourselves with others and learn from the best which stimulates innovative and proactive thinking. With this mindset, we strive to make ongoing improvements to improve efficiency to handle deviations that may occur.


EG Electronics Certificate 9001

ISO TS 16949

Environmental Policy

We are very keen through our daily work to reduce our impact on the environment and thereby help to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

This will be reached while:

  • Promoting, in all business activities, a good environment to conserve natural resources such as raw materials, materials, energy and water and also prevent pollution
  • Minimizing the use of non-renewable materials and fuels
  • Creating interest and commitment among employees for performance through active participation, information and education
  • Monitoring research and development in the area and ensuring our own environmental efforts in the prevention of pollution in the strive for continuous improvement
  • Openly recognizing our environmental work and developing the business so that environmental laws and demands for the business are the minimum level of our actions
  • Demanding our suppliers to be active in the preservation of natural resources and to comply with the environmental laws and regulations.
  • Considering the environmental impact and sustainability in all our purchases
  • Increase the focus on the part of our activities that affect the most the environment (the transport of goods and the products we sell)

We are certified both according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

If you are require a REACH or RoHS compliance statement referring to an article supplied to you by EG Electronics; please contact your responsible salesperson or
If you want to know more about our environmental engagement, please download the information document below.


EG Electronics Certificate 14001

Environmental policy EG Electronics

Environmental declaration_RoHS and REACH Directives

People, planet & profit

We embrace responsibility for the impact of all our activities, be it on the environment, communities, employees, consumers or workers at original equipment manufacturers.

We actively follow up on humanitarian conditions at our suppliers by conducting regular visits to both component suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. Our ambition is to incorporate all our social responsibility activities into our quality management system and proactively encourage community growth and development wherever we operate in the world.

To protect Human Rights, promote fair employment, safe working conditions, responsibility towards the management of environmental issues and high ethical standards, our Code of Conduct is applied in the sales and supply chain of all our services worldwide.

To commitment clearly to employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, our Code of Conduct is based on the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. This international initiative is supported by corporations around the world to ensure accountability.

We are committed to conducting its worldwide business operations in a manner that complies with applicable laws and regulations regarding conflict minerals.


Conflict Mineral Policy | 2019

Code of Conduct EG Electronics

Part of KAMIC Group

EG Electronics is part of the Electronics business area in KAMIC Group, a privately held corporate group based in Sweden and with a common aim to be a leading supplier of technical products and services in a number of well-defined market niches.

Today, KAMIC Group consists of some 40 companies with establishments in approximately 15 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Most of the companies conduct trading and distribution operations, but the Group also includes companies with in-house product development and manufacturing. Together, the group companies have a very broad customer base. The key customer segments include manufacturers and suppliers within telecom, automation, commercial vehicles, defence, digital signage and renewable energy, as well as electrical contractors and construction companies.

To learn more about KAMIC Group, please visit

Cookies, Privacy Policy & GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new legislation across the whole EU/EEA which applies from 25 May 2018.  As a result of GDPR, we in KAMIC Group, that EG Electronics is part of, have produced a new integrity policy with guidelines that govern the entire business. The policy regulates processing of personal data in every company and business unit as well as in our group-wide functions.

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