iMX6/7 family available as COM module

There are a lot of interesting advantages for choosing a COM module instead of designing a single-board solution all by yourself.

Modern high-performance and power efficient ARM cores with high-speed interfaces are very complex to design. Much of this complexity would be encapsulated in a COM module.

COM boards are proven designs, allowing engineering resources to focus on value adding features rather than spending time on infrastructure. The design effort saved is not only on hardware but also on software BSP design. A COM module from Embedded Artists (EACOM) will reduce your development risk and shorten your time-to-market.

The EACOM is based on a proven robust mechanical form factor and associated (MXM3) connector and there are ready to go thermal management solutions, like heat spreader and heat sink. It follows the same form factor as SMARC but with a pintable optimized for iMX6/7-family.

A range of COM modules will give you the flexibility to change price and performance during development without changing your carrier board design. There is a Selection Guide available, making it easier for you to choose the right EACOM.

EA has designed the COM boards and boot process to be future-proof if layout or on-board memories are changed.  Yocto is supported
to build Linux.

And there is a lot of support available from their homepage such as Development kits and Carrier board design guides containing guidelines for implementing all of the different interfaces. Their carrier board is also designed to be used as a Single-Board-Computer (SBC) for lower volumes.

A Display connector board will enable you to connect a lot of different displays in the market.

By register yourself on their Long Term Availability Program you will automatically get information about “product change notification” or “Last time buy”.

Embedded Artists is a proven partner of NXP and have sold >280.000 CPU-boards since 2010 and are ISO9001- and ISO14001 certified.