KAMIC Group acquires Swetouch, a supplier of customised solutions for control panels, enclosures and displays

KAMIC Group AB has acquired all the shares in Swetouch AB. The sellers are the company’s founders Magnus Eek, Fredric Jönsson and Patrik Maxe, all of whom remain active in the company.

Swetouch AB was founded in 2005 in Tranås where the company has its head office. From the outset, Swetouch has focused on offering customised solutions for control panels, keyboards and enclosures. Today many of these solutions also include various types of displays and cabling. Most of the products are intended for communication with a machine in HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) applications. Customers cover a broad spectrum of sectors but above all are in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive and consumer products. Swetouch has five employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 40 million.

Swetouch operates in a distinct and interesting product niche and through consistent efforts has built strong customer relations based on sound understanding of both technical solutions and customer requirements. It is exactly the sort of company that KAMIC Group wants to own, support and further develop,” says Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group.

Swetouch will now be part of KAMIC Group’s Electronics business area and the previous owners Magnus Eek, Fredric Jönsson and Patrik Maxe will together continue to lead the company’s operations with Fredric Jönsson as Managing Director. In a joint statement about the deal they say: “It feels really good that Swetouch is becoming part of a broader context while at the same time we can retain much of our entrepreneurial freedom. KAMIC Group’s business philosophy exactly matches ours and as part of the KAMIC family and Electronics business area we will have access to skills, contacts and organisational support for continued positive development and growth.”


is a corporate group consisting of more than 30 operating companies active in both trade and manufacturing. Our common aim is to be a leading supplier of technical products and services in a number of well-defined product and market niches. The Group has around 700 employees in 12 countries in Northern Europe, Asia and the USA and annual sales of approximately SEK 2 billion. Our customers are found mainly in the manufacturing industry but also among electrical installers, construction companies and telecom service providers.

EG Electronics Group

represents business area Electronics in KAMIC Group, a corporate group consisting of nearly 30 companies active in trade and manufacturing.

EG Electronics Group’s operations are mainly conducted in the company EG Electronics which has its own sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, Germany, USA, China and India. The business area also has a production company for electronics and cabling in Poland.

Three companies were added to Electronics through acquisitions in 2019. All three are specialists in different niches within digital communication. The first was the British company Distec based in Manchester. This was followed by two Swedish companies, Swetouch and Leeroy Digital Signage.