7.0″ TFT with wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +80°C)

Mitsubishi introduces a high resolution 7.0” TFT with 1000cd and wide operating temperature range for rugged applications.

Made for any rugged application this 7.0″ TFT comes with a high resolution of 1280x768dot, super-wide viewing angles, high brightness 1000cd, high contrast 1000:1 and a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +80C. It also manages high vibration and shock for outdoor industrial devices.

The model number is AA070TA11 and samples are available now worldwide.

It can be bought with or without a newly designed LED backlight that improves brightness efficiency by 30% (compared to conventional LED backlight of same brightness) and contribute to low power consumption. Also possible to dim from 1 to 100%.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers 7.0” / 8.0” / 12.1” / 15.0” and 19” TFT with pcap-touch for rugged applications! In total they have more than 34 TFT-LCD modules with super-wide viewing angles.

Mitsubishi Electric Color TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive touch panel

Mishubishi wide operating temperature range 7 inch and 15 inch

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