Starbit Awarded Major Contracts in the Nordic Region

Starbit offers a fusion between hardware and software solutions designed to revolutionise smart retail and smart cities

27th January 2021 – Swedish start-up Starbit has been awarded two major contracts in the Nordic region for its Smart Retail and Smart Cities hi-tech solutions.

Scandinavian retail chain, Coop Norden, will be piloting Starbit’s latest smart queuing system with AirSwipe technology along with a payment card-reader upgrade on their self service solutions across its 850 stores. Starbit’s smart queuing systems make businesses more efficient by reducing manual workload for staff and streamlining the management of customer waiting times. They are designed to help minimise queuing and provide valuable business intelligence on repeat trade, wait times and peak hours to help businesses prepare based on real-time data. AirSwipe allows customers to make choices on a screen without touching it, using gestures to navigate through menu items.

Starbit is also working with Swedish MIUN University and are in discussions with a nordic pipe manufacturing company, to apply machine learning and analytics through its smart sensors, which are designed to measure water levels and raise alerts for potential flood warnings.

Starbit, located In Härnösand and Stockholm, Sweden, is a software company that offers a fusion between software and hardware. They provide all types of digital signage solutions, from design, to installation, with fully customisable software platforms. In 2020, they opened a new innovation centre in Härnösand, where their Research & Development team is responsible for creating the latest cutting-edge Smart Cities and Smart Retail technologies.

Anders Nilsson, CEO of Starbit said: “”With one foot in software development and the other in hardware manufacturing, we offer customers a complete solution. Our technologies are designed make process smoother, less stressful, and more efficient. These contracts represent a major milestone for Starbit, and we look forward to delivering value and making a positive impact.”

Starbit is part of Kamic Group Inc, a corporate entity consisting of nearly 40 companies and 850 employees spread over 13 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Starbit Awarded Major Contracts in the Nordic Region
Starbit awarded

About Starbit

Starbit works with some of the most trusted brands in the world. They create sustainable, tailor-made solutions that give businesses the upper hand now and in the future.

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